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Hello, Everyone!

We hope that you are enjoying a successful September. Here at Valiant, we are excited about a bunch of things. We have some new equipment in the warehouse; we have new computer software that we’re getting to know better and better; there are a few new products that we’re looking to implement soon (watch out for some specials coming up !! ); and, on top of all that, there are a couple new employees running around here now. So, as you might imagine, we are keeping ourselves delightfully busy. But, of course, not too busy to enjoy a company cookout this last weekend with a lot of good food and good company too.

When we aren’t completely swamped with any one of the aforementioned activities, we’ve been kicking around some ideas. There’s one in particular that we want to share with you. For years, we have understood that the only way for us to grow this business is to develop and cultivate successful relationships with our customers. We have been dedicated to working hard at this goal since day one. We are thankful for the people and companies that have reciprocated our efforts. Starting this month, we will be running a “Featured Shop” campaign on our online interfaces.  Our first Featured Shop article is in the works right now, so check back soon for information and pictures and a little history of our dealings with our Featured Shops.

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